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This season, we’re going to make sure that the most important conversations stay at the top of the feed and be allies to Redditors who embody the giving spirit - the ones who help fellow users with travel tips, playlists and even promo codes, during a chaotic holiday season.

We’ll take over subreddits through a variety of promoted posts that encourage user comments. Because paid content inherently stays at the top of Reddit threads, we’ll provide visibility to conversations that may otherwise never be seen.

We’ll also reward both the commenter and the most helpful Redditors with gold 
— proving that it pays to be an ally.

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For when you need a new cast of characters that isn't family, we're all better off with an ally.



For when we want to bring something unexpected to the potluck, we're all better off with an ally.


For when we need help keeping it cool after the third delay, we're all better off with an ally. 


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